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Speaker McCarthy and House GOP Members Survey Chaos at the Border

“You cannot tell us this border is secure. When there’s enough fentanyl in this country to kill every single American more than 20 times over. This has…

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Biden’s Border Crisis: More Terror Suspects, More Lawlessness

Border security is essential in the face of the flood confronting the country’s Border Patrol agents, and the Biden administration, along with House Democrats, are refusing to step up to the task.

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Honoring U.S. Border Patrol During National Police Week

During National Police Week, America celebrates the men and women who patrol our streets and protect our communities.

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McCarthy to Democrats: Join Us and Keep Title 42 in Place

Leader McCarthy called on House Democrats to support Border Patrol operations and the American people by working with House Republicans to keep Title 42.

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McCarthy to Democrats: Keep Title 42, Stop the Imminent Chaos at the Border

House Democrats have to ask themselves: will they take a stand to protect our sovereignty or will they stand with progressive activists who want to essentially erase our borders?