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Leader McCarthy Talks Border Security, Shutdown on Fox News

“They don’t want to talk about having a wall. That’s an element of border security.”

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Leader McCarthy Talks Border Wall Funding, General Mattis with Bret Baier

“I think the American people are more important, I think our security is more important than that and we can do bigger things. Let’s deal with this and solve it.”

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Leader McCarthy on Funding the Government

“Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats now have to decide whether it is worth shutting down the government to keep us from securing our border.”

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Leader McCarthy Joins Fox & Friends to Discuss Border Security and Midterms

“We’re worried about this caravan coming, but I’m more worried what happens on November 6th. “

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Kevin McCarthy Talks Midterms, Border Wall on Fox Business

“We are a country of rule of law, and if you break the rule of law, you are going to break society.”