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Biden threatens Americans with more lockdowns, does nothing to stop border surge 

Over the past several days, President Biden has threatened a return to lockdowns and government-mandated restrictions for American citizens. While he hints at restricting Americans’ freedoms under…

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A Country In Crisis

This is not the America we know.

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Leader McCarthy Joins Maria Bartiromo to Discuss the Border, Infrastructure, and Holding China Accountable

Leader McCarthy talked border, infrastructure, and China this morning with Maria Bartiromo.

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Leader McCarthy On Fox & Friends: America Is Worse Off Because of Biden’s Weakness

Because of President Biden’s policies, American families are concerned about costs, crime and competitiveness.

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Vice President Harris’s Border Plan: Spend Now, Strategize Later

75 days after being selected as the administration’s “point person,” Vice President Harris still hasn’t visited the border and still doesn’t have a plan.