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Commitment to America

Blog Commitment to America

23 Commitments House Republicans Have Kept in 2023

Just eight months into the new majority, Republicans have already accomplished so much to strengthen our economy, make our nation safer, defend our freedoms, and hold Washington accountable. 

Video Commitment to America

Video: The Republican Commitment

The Commitment to America is a comprehensive plan to get our country back on track after two years of failures from a Democrat-controlled Washington.

Blog Commitment to America

A Letter to House Republicans from Leader McCarthy about 2022

This year will define what our country will be for the next decade. Will we be a country defined by freedom, opportunity, and prosperity? Or will we continue to let America fall victim to division,…

Blog Commitment to America

New Video: Never Back Down

When they walk away, we step up. When they stay silent, we speak up. When they silence us, we speak louder and longer.

We are Republicans. We are conservatives. We believe in freedom. In family….

Press Releases Commitment to America

McCarthy Unveils Republican Task Forces, Announces Leaders and Members

Today, Leader McCarthy announced the members of the seven Republican Task Forces.