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Leader McCarthy’s Statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision Regarding the Second Amendment

Today’s ruling rightfully ensures the right of all law-abiding Americans to defend themselves without unnecessary government interference.

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The House Defends the Second Amendment

American citizens should not have their right to keep and bear arms restricted simply because they travel out of state.

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House Passes Five More Article I Bills Restoring Power to the People

The five bills we passed this week will remind everyone again that the people are back in charge.

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Leader McCarthy in Townhall: How Congress Is Enacting Trump’s Call to Drain the Swamp

How do we enact President Trump’s call to drain the swamp? In short: restrain the bureaucracy and empower the states.

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14 Reforms Restore Power to the People

Overturning these last-minute Obama-era regulations was good for our economy, good for our Constitution, and most importantly, good for our people.