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2,145 Pages. Have Democrats Even Read the Bill?

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) held a press conference today where he called on Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats to stop rushing their reckless…

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Roundtable Recap: Made in America Tax

Cargo ships anchored off the coast of California. Containers piled up at the ports. Empty shelves at stores across America. And what do Congressional Democrats and…

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Roundtable Recap: Higher Gas Prices

Gasoline prices are at their highest point in seven years. The average price in every state is now above $3 per gallon. In California, some towns have reached $7 a…

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McCarthy to Democrats: Don’t Tell Americans to Lower Expectations

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy held a press conference today.

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“High Class” Problems

Washington, D.C. –  The American people continue to see diminishing returns on their paychecks. They are now able to afford less with their monthly incomes because of President Biden’s national…