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Leader McCarthy Talks North Korea, Guns, Tax Cuts

McCarthy appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss North Korea talks, the GOP agenda, and the positive impact tax reform is having on the economy.

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Leader McCarthy Talks Economic Growth and Jobs with Bloomberg

U.S. Economy | Bloomberg

You have the lowest small business tax rate in 40 years. Our economy is growing.

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Leader McCarthy Talks Camp David Meetings, ’18 Agenda

Passing tax reform was the beginning of America’s comeback. In 2018 we want to complete America’s comeback.

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CHOICE Restores a Fair and Growing Economy

If a rising tide lifts all boats, we need to make sure every American is in the boat.

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Leader McCarthy on the Air: “It’s Always Been About Jobs”

I always bank on America. If we have a level playing field, we will win.