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An Economy That’s Strong

House Republican Members – through committee and task force work over the past year and a half – identified policy proposals that will strengthen our economy as represented in our Commitment to…

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Leader McCarthy’s Statement on the August CPI Report

Real wages have fallen every month since Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus spending spree passed. President Biden and Democrats in Congress are to blame, and they have no plan to fix it.

Blog Economy

Biden’s Student Loan Debt Transfer is Unfair and Inflationary

With the worst inflation in 40 years, working families are already paying an extra $536 per month. Higher costs are the last thing they need.

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Leader McCarthy: Democrats Are Addicted To Spending Your Money

And raising your taxes, and expanding the IRS.

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Democrats Have No Plan

Our country cannot continue down this path. The American people cannot continue to bear the brunt of Democrats’ failed policies.