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From Farm to Table: How Biden’s Inflation is Eating Into Your Meals

Americans deserve better than empty promises, empty shelves, and shrinking paychecks from this administration.

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Leader McCarthy Announces China Legislation Conferees

Countering the Chinese Communist threat is the single most pressing issue we can undertake in this Congress. We need strong voices in this process who will put American interests above all else.

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Leader McCarthy Talks China Task Force with Rep. Michael McCaul

China Task Force Lead McCaul discusses with Leader McCarthy the actions the task force will take to counter China’s influence.

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Leader McCarthy Talks Jobs and the Economy with Rep. Patrick McHenry

Sound money principles make sense. We got better solutions to offer the American people than what they’re seeing out of Washington.

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Americans Can’t Afford One-Party Democrat Rule

Americans deserve to have an actionable plan to reverse the damage caused by the policies of President Biden and Speaker Pelosi.