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California Can Barely Keep the Lights On

Delusional, expensive, out-of-touch – those are three words to describe California’s decision to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

Time and time again, the electric grid in California has been…

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Biden’s Anti-Energy Policies Are Driving Up Gas Prices

Higher prices. Greater uncertainty. And out-of-touch policies. That’s Bidenomics, folks. 

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We Must Be More Than Energy Independent, We Must Be Energy Dominant 

“Yesterday I heard the President give a big speech about ‘Bidenomics.’
You know, the core of good economics for America is to become energy…

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House Republicans Pass the Lower Energy Costs Act

House Republicans will continue to fight for energy policies that lower energy costs, reduce global emissions, and strengthen our national security.

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Speaker McCarthy Calls on Congress to Pass the Lower Energy Costs Act

This bill will streamline permitting, stop abusive lawsuits, protect the environment, and lower the price of energy.