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A Grim Picture of the Future

Gas Prices all time high

President Biden adopted California’s disastrous energy policies. Now American families are going broke paying for them.

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Heating Costs Continue to Soar for Americans

Across the board, prices are up. In less than 12 months, Democrats’ policies have driven up inflation on everyday purchases to a staggering 39-year high.

The steep rise in costs has been…

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McCarthy Calls on Biden to Increase Domestic Energy Production

Here’s the answer to his energy crisis: let America produce what we have and need.

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Our Energy Crisis Will Be Much Worse Under Biden/Pelosi Spending Plan

Americans are headed into winter amidst a troubling energy crisis with serious implications for our energy and food costs – which both have been steadily rising for months.

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Put America Back to Work: Restart Keystone XL

On Day One, President Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline and put thousands of Americans out of work. It was the wrong thing to do.