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House Republican Leadership’s Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

We stand in complete solidarity with the innocent Ukrainian people and vow to continue to support them as they defend themselves from Putin’s unprovoked onslaught.

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Today’s Anti-Israel Democrat Party

This week House Democrats stripped $1 billion from a funding bill that was supposed to be spent on Israel’s rocket-defense system, the Iron Dome. The party sent a message heard around the world that…

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A Red Line Was Crossed

Our enemies have taken advantage of this chaotic nature of a withdrawal.

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An Embarrassing Day for Our Country

Representative Mike Gallagher is a veteran who knows that America is a great power that protects its people, not a declining power who abandons them. Yesterday, he offered a bill to save American…

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President Biden is Making America Less Safe

“The most embarrassing part though is that he refused to take questions, and turned his back to walk away – an image that has come to define his…