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jobs and the economy

jobs and the economy

Leader McCarthy’s Statement on President Biden’s 40-Year High Inflation

Democrats’ one-party rule is a historic failure of empty promises, excuses, and higher costs.

jobs and the economy

Empowering American Workers is Key to Unleashing Economic Growth

In her op-ed, Rep. Ashley Hinson, a member of the Jobs and Economy Task Force, lays out the vision that House Republicans have to grow the economy and American workers’ paychecks.

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The Most Expensive Fourth of July Ever

Like almost every holiday recognized since President Biden took office, this Fourth of July is predicted to be the most expensive one ever for American families. 

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Gas Prices Have Been Rising Since Biden’s First Day in Office

Leader McCarthy called on President Biden to work with Republicans on targeted solutions to lower gas prices and put more of American workers’ paychecks back in their pockets.

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19 Democrat Retirements and Counting

Another week, and a few more Democrats answered the question about their retirement. Mr. DeFazio is the 19th Democrat to announce he is retiring so far this year.