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The March for Life

Each year, tens of thousands of Americans march on Washington, DC, on this day. They travel long distances, endure the cold, and march—not for themselves, but for…

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Leader McCarthy on the Democrats’ Repeal of Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Policy

“Simply put, this bill is a disaster for America’s reputation as a defender of freedom and human rights in the world.”

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The House Votes to End Infanticide

I am frankly astounded that so many Democrat representatives would cast a vote to allow the killing of newborn children.

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House to Vote to Protect Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Next Week

This is about protecting babies who are born and alive, and nobody should be against that.

Press Releases Life Protecting Life

Instead of Pain, We Should Fill These Children With Love

These children need love. Their mothers need love. Let’s end the pain.