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The House Passes A Death Blow to Obamacare

Finally, a bill that repeals the foundations of Obamacare and stops taxpayer money from going to abortion and abhorrent practices like dissecting babies for research will reach the President’s…

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No More Forcing States to Support Abortion

The House voted today to give states the power to exclude abortion providers from receiving Medicaid funding in their states.

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Leader McCarthy: Taxpayers Should Not Be Forced to Support these Horrific Practices

I want every member to ask themselves a simple question: In the face of these videos and with all the alternatives women have for health, why would you want to force your constituents to pay for…

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Democrats Supported Protecting Newborns Before. They Should Do It Again

The big question is, will Democrats reaffirm the votes their party took just a few years ago and defend the weakest among us, or will they ignore the newborn children fighting for their lives and…

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Defunding Planned Parenthood is the Right Thing to Do

There is no reason—absolutely no reason—we must choose between supporting women’s health and forcing taxpayers to support abortion.