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Press Releases North Korea Opioids Tax Cuts

Leader McCarthy Talks Tax Cuts, Opioid Crisis, and North Korea Summit on Fox Business

The GOP agenda is helping build a healthier, safer, and stronger America.

Press Releases GOP agenda Opioids

USA TODAY Op-Ed: GOP Leading the Charge Against the Opioid Crisis

Beating the opioid crisis will require nothing less than the biggest response in history. That response is already under way, led by President Trump and Republicans in Congress.

Press Releases Government Spending Human Trafficking Opioids

Lower Taxes, Less Waste

Let’s make government more accountable, more efficient, and more effective.

Press Releases Opioids Tax Reform

Leader McCarthy on the Air: Forget Resistance, Let’s Solve Problems

If Washington Democrats don’t want to help us, they want to play politics, just get out of the way and let us solve the problems.

Press Releases Opioids Public Health

Sign the Opioid Bill Into Law to Save Lives

As the opioid crisis continues to tear apart communities and break up families, we need the Senate to pass this bill and the President to sign it as soon as possible.