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House Republicans Deliver Solution to Stop National Fentanyl Epidemic 

While President Biden blunders into crisis after crisis, House Republicans remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering solutions to the American people. 

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Coronavirus Funding Passes House

Democrats finally decided to put the health of American citizens over petty politics by agreeing to a clean coronavirus spending bill.

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The Opioid Epidemic is a Public Health Emergency

Kevin McCarthy: Opioid Epidemic is a Public Health Emergency

The opioid crisis is a slow poison in our country, and every day the casualty list grows in lives lost, in families broken, and in hopes abandoned.

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Sign the Opioid Bill Into Law to Save Lives

As the opioid crisis continues to tear apart communities and break up families, we need the Senate to pass this bill and the President to sign it as soon as possible.

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As Overdoses Surge, Leading House Democrats Backpedal From Prior Support of Opioid Solution

There is no excuse for Congressional Democrats’ about-face on this opioid legislation.