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The House Has a Solution to the Puerto Rico Debt Crisis

By allowing an oversight board to work with the Puerto Rican government, they can begin to tackle their debt while also instituting economic reforms and making government operate more efficiently.

Press Releases Reform

House Passes Reforms for an Impartial Court System

With these litigation reforms, our court system can operate with the impartiality Americans both expect and deserve.

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The VA Yet Again Fails Our Veterans

Now, adding insult to injury, we’ve discovered that veterans who need help and call a crisis center aren’t even guaranteed to speak to a real person. In fact, some of these calls even went to…

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House Votes to Restore Accountability at the NSF

Taxpayer money is spent, debt is accumulated, and the result is a massive administrative state with little accountability, minimal transparency, and rampant waste.

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The House is Reining in the IRS

House Republicans have worked since the IRS scandal to rein in this unaccountable agency and make sure no American citizen has their fundamental rights infringed upon. In the upcoming appropriations…