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Regulatory Reform

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Leader McCarthy on Congress’ Historic Efforts to Reduce Washington’s Regulatory Burden

“Together with the Trump Administration, the regulatory relief on American businesses, farmers and ranchers, and workers has been unprecedented.”

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Leader McCarthy Talks Economic Growth and Jobs with Bloomberg

U.S. Economy | Bloomberg

You have the lowest small business tax rate in 40 years. Our economy is growing.

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Lower Taxes, Big Gains: Americans Already Benefiting from Tax Cuts

Some of your bills are actually going to be lowered because of the tax bill.

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House Passes Five More Article I Bills Restoring Power to the People

The five bills we passed this week will remind everyone again that the people are back in charge.

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Smarter Standards for Cleaner Air


Building on our success, the people of my district and across America can continue to have cleaner air tomorrow than we do today.