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Roundtable Recap: Small and Local Business Taxes, Regulations and Reduced Workforce

When a political party pursues a multi-trillion dollar plan that restructures how most Americans can live their lives, they should at the very least…

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Roundtable Recap: IRS Surveillance

President Biden came to Capitol Hill this morning… and House Republican Leader McCarthy (CA-23) exposed Biden’s dangerous agenda for what it is: a…

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The entire Democrat multi-trillion dollar socialist spending scam is bad for Americans, and bad for our economy. One particular provision that is especially terrible is their “IRS…

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National Wage Mandate Would Destroy Up to 3.7 Million Jobs

 The Democrats’ mandated wage increase will put more Americans out of work and deepen our national economic crisis.

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How Can We Help?

Leader McCarthy caught up with Mayor Suarez in Miami yesterday to collaborate on how we can replicate his governing model at a national level.