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Yesterday Showed a Clear Contrast Between the President and the House

So the question to the President is, why would the President release anyone more from Guantanamo Bay and why would he ever want to bring those people to America?

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House Passes Two Bills to Impede Terrorist Travel

To win this fight against radical Islamists, the Obama Administration must take these important steps to help stop terrorists from being able to get where the want to go.

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Former Gitmo Detainee Arrested for ISIS Links

Congress is resolute. The correct choice is clear. We cannot close Guantanamo Bay

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Closing Guantanamo Would Harm U.S. National Security

This latest proposal from the Administration is not complete and it would sacrifice U.S. national security for the sake of a misguided campaign pledge.

Press Releases Terrorism

We Stand With Our Ally Turkey

Only constant vigilance and a strong response to global terrorism can put an end to these senseless murders.