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A Strong Foreign Policy Starts with a Strong Military

House Republicans have always been and remain committed to a strong American military, an active foreign policy, and continued American leadership in the world.

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A Presidency Rebuked by the Courts

By staking his legacy on over-expansive executive actions, President Obama is facing a series of foreseeable roadblocks: the courts and the Constitution.

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National Review: President Obama Averages One Veto Threat Every Five Days

Pesident Obama spent years tarring House Republicans as the cause of a “do-nothing” Congress, but House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has turned that critique back on him.

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President Obama Again Chooses Vetoes Over Working with Congress

President Obama has now issued nearly 25 veto threats since the beginning of the new year. The American people don’t want vetoes. They want Washington to work. But it can only work if the President…