In an interview on The Michael Medved Show yesterday, Speaker Boehner underscored the need for a balanced budget to promote private-sector growth and job creation today, and preserve the American Dream for future generations.

"Back in the 1990s, Republicans in Congress and President Clinton made it a bipartisan priority." says Speaker Boehner...

“For Americans trying to keep up with the cost of health care,” said Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) in the Weekly Republican Address, our balanced budget “repeals the president’s health-care law and clears the way for patient-centered reforms.”

A balanced budget will "help American families enjoy real prosperity and a much more secure retirement."

This chart compares the Republican Path to Prosperity with the plan we expect to see from President Obama eventually (it was due in February but is still delayed).

While House Republicans will vote on a balanced budget that grows our economy, Senate Democrats’ plan never balances -- it’s “status quo, only more so.”

"There’s nothing ‘balanced’ about a budget that never gets to balance. And [Democrats] have no plan to balance the budget – ever.”

The Wall Street Journal says the “sharp drop in production on federal lands is the direct result of Obama Administration policies”...

Yesterday, Senate Democrats unveiled a budget that includes more than a trillion in new tax hikes, fails to address America’s long-term debt crisis, and never balances.  Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) addressed the Democrats’ budget this morning on the Senate floor:

"Our balanced budget means more economic security for workers and parents, a more secure retirement for the elderly and more opportunities for younger workers."