There is no good reason – none whatsoever – for the president to veto this jobs bill.

These just aren’t the wrong policies, they’re the wrong priorities...
The White House’s college savings tax hike is “running into opposition from Republicans in Congress who say they have no intention of raising taxes on families trying to save money for their children’s education,” The Associated Press reports.

CLAIM: “We still live in a country where too many bright, striving Americans are priced out of the education they need.  It’s not fair to them, and it’s not smart for our future.” (President Obama, State of the Union Address, January 20, 2015)

SOTU FACT: The president opposes true educational opportunity, and has passed up opportunities to work with Republicans on making college more affordable. 

Exposing the truth about the president's "free" college idea...

We do these five things in a meaningful way, we can reset the foundation of our economy for the next two or three generations. Provide a reliable stream of good-paying jobs. More stability and security, straight on through retirement.

Every day, as representative of Ohio’s Eighth District and as Speaker of the House, my focus is on building a stronger economy and preparing our kids and grandkids for the challenges and opportunities of the future. 

"The child tax credit legislation we passed today supports working families by eliminating the marriage penalty and better aligning the credit with the higher costs parents face."

President Obama should call on his party’s leaders in the Senate to act on these common-sense proposals, and the dozens of other House-passed jobs bills they are blocking.

No surprise here: Speaker Boehner talked about jobs this morning.