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Proof President Obama is Not Interested in Enforcing Immigration Law

January 08, 2015

When President Obama announced his unilateral action on immigration in November, he cloaked his decision to ignore the law in the guise of better enforcement through prioritization. Read More

President Obama’s Immigration Explanations Not Fooling Anyone

December 16, 2014

President Obama attempted to defend his unilateral action on immigration in two interviews last week, and in each case, reporters pressed him on why he had previously told them many times that he did not have the legal authority to act on his own. Read More

Boehner on Immigration & the New American Congress

December 11, 2014

Of course, the opportunity to serve the American people is always humbling; it’s even more so at a time when our country faces such great challenges. Read More

House Plan Sets Up GOP to Fight Obama Executive Amnesty with Dual Majorities

December 10, 2014

Without a threat of a government shutdown, this sets up a direct challenge to the president’s unilateral actions on immigration when we have new majorities in both chambers of Congress. Read More

Four Things President Obama Hid from Americans until after the Election

December 03, 2014

The Obama administration has a history of hiding the truth and misleading the public. Read More

Boehner: President’s Unilateral Action on Immigration Undermines Americans’ Trust

December 02, 2014

At a press briefing with Republican leaders today, Speaker Boehner took President Obama to task for his recent unilateral action on immigration... Read More

President’s Unilateral Action Sets Stage for Another Surge of Illegal Immigration

November 25, 2014

On Wednesday last week, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson delivered a blunt warning. “I’m concerned about the possibility of another rise in illegal migration,” he said, referring to the flood of unaccompanied minors that overwhelmed Border Patrol agents and caused a humanitarian crisis over the summer. Read More

Boehner: We Will Listen to the People & Protect the Constitution

November 21, 2014

We will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country and places lives at risk. Read More

Speaker Boehner to President Obama: This is Not How American Democracy Works

November 20, 2014

“We will not shrink from this duty, because our allegiance lies with the American people. We will listen to them, work with our members, and protect the Constitution.” Read More