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Confirmed: The Wheels Are Coming Off

July 14, 2014

The President may claim he’s doing his job, but that’s not how many Americans see it. Read More

IRS Defenders Aren’t Telling The Truth About Targeting Conservatives

July 01, 2014

These false claims and excuses are unacceptable; the American people deserve the truth. Read More

Boehner: “It’s Arrogance & Incompetence Right Down the Line”

June 25, 2014

First this administration makes the wrong decisions, then it won’t give the American people the straight answers. Read More

IRS Arrogance Run Amok

June 25, 2014

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, a major political donor to Democrats, was President Obama’s choice to take over the agency in 2013, and has testified to two House committees in the past week. Read More

Boehner: IRS Needs "Somebody Who Will Tell The Truth"

June 19, 2014

Earlier this week, Speaker Boehner (R-OH) demanded the Obama administration “come clean” on what really happened at the IRS. The Speaker continued to pressure the White House for answers today, and said the IRS needs “someone who will tell the truth” about the agency’s claims that it lost two year’s worth of emails from an official who twice pled the fifth to avoid incriminating herself. Read More

Boehner: Missing Emails Another Reason Administration Must Come Clean on IRS Scandal

June 18, 2014

The Obama administration’s continued stonewalling of House Republicans’ IRS investigation prompted a strong rebuke from House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)... Read More

#StopTheIRS: House Oversight Efforts Deliver Another Victory for Taxpayers

May 23, 2014

The ill-conceived rules proposed by the IRS have no place in our democracy, and I’m grateful to our committees for their hard work to put a stop to this. Read More

Boehner on IRS: American People Will Not Tolerate Any More Stonewalling

May 07, 2014

Our system of government relies on the sacred trust the American people place in the transparency and accountability of its institutions. Read More

A History of Hiding the Truth

May 07, 2014

The Obama administration has a bad habit: it seems to never want the American people to know what it’s really up to, and it seeks to avoid accountability at all costs. Read More

Good Oversight Is Good For Jobs

April 29, 2014

Getting the truth for the American people isn’t just good government, it’s good for jobs and fostering solutions that will expand opportunity for all Americans. Read More