In an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Speaker Boehner highlighted Republicans’ ongoing efforts to hold the Obama administration accountable on several fronts, saying “the American people have a right to know what happened with regard to Fast and Furious, what happened at the IRS, what happened at Benghazi.”

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Three months after the IRS admitted it had been abusing its power and targeting Americans for their political beliefs, here is some of what the ongoing Congressional investigations have uncovered...

When federal bureaucrats target Americans for their political beliefs or needlessly hassle business owners, it’s a threat to our freedom and our economy.

“Fixing broken government policies and reining in an out-of-control bureaucracy are key parts of the Republican jobs plan,” says Speaker John Boehner.

“[T]he IRS scandal underscores why we must … continue the fight to repeal the health care law,” writes Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) in US News & World Report. Repealing ObamaCare, and enacting patient-centered reforms that lower costs and protect jobs, is part of the GOP Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs.

Today’s hearing by the House Ways & Means Committee with organizations improperly targeted by the IRS underscores two important parts of the Republican Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs: simplifying the tax code and lowering health care costs by – in part – repealing ObamaCare.

After another week of the White House shifting its account of its involvement in the IRS scandal, the American people deserve a straight answer and Republicans “are going to continue to seek answers until we get to the truth,” Speaker Boehner said today....

A lot of questions are being raised as a result of these revelations and, as Speaker Boehner said today, “This House will stop at nothing to get to the American people the answers and the accountability that they expect.”

How much could you (and everyone else) pay for health care in the years ahead thanks to the president’s health care law? According to the nation’s insurers, a lot more -- in the individual market an average of double what we pay now with some rates soaring by more than 400 percent. That’s what the nation’s 17 largest insurers told the House Energy & Commerce Committee. You can see the whole report here.