In just 10 days, our country will turn a page from the last eight years of broken promises, failed policies at home, and an atrophy of American leadership abroad.

Later today, President Obama is heading to Miami to speak to college students about Obamacare and the progress it’s made. But something tells us they won’t end up buying what he’s selling. They certainly haven’t so far.

Here are two of the most devastating regulations, this time from the Department of Labor (DOL): the fiduciary rule and the overtime rule. These are two heavy-handed rules that actually hurt the very people they claim to protect.

In eight years, the president has never proposed a balanced budget—not once.

As they started implementing the very legislation they rushed into law, the president and his administration realized Obamacare just wasn’t workable.

This month's jobs report includes a number all too familiar to the American people: 94 million—that's the number of people who are out of the work force.

The disastrous Fast and Furious operation armed dangerous drug lords in Mexico and directly resulted in the Agent Terry’s death.

Thanks to this law’s thousands of pages of regulation, community banks have been closing their doors.

The president’s strategy in Syria has been a complete failure.

The Real Obama Liberal Legacy is a periodic series to highlight the results of liberal progressivism put into practice. 

Next up, Illegally Funding Obamacare. We're hearing a lot lately about how Obamacare is not sustainable. Remember, parts of it are also essentially illegal.