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House Passes Responsible, Bipartisan Bills to Keep America Secure, Take Care of Our Veterans

June 06, 2013

“Keeping America secure and taking care of our veterans are two of our most fundamental responsibilities, and the bipartisan appropriations bills passed by the House this week do both. ... And they reflect our commitment to controlling spending and responsible oversight – important parts of the Republican plan to grow the economy and help create new jobs.” Read More

Party of Pinocchios: Fact Checker Says if Democratic Budgets Don’t Balance, They’re Not “Balanced”

May 13, 2013

Remember how Democrats kept claiming that their budgets – which never balanced – were still “balanced?” Read More

Boehner in POLITICO: Republicans are doing more with less to fix the budget

May 06, 2013

"With the House budget, Republicans have shown that the federal government can, and must, do more with less. We can get spending under control and achieve a balanced budget if the president and Washington Democrats come to the table willing to make the same tough choices American families and small businesses are making every day. These hardworking Americans must balance their budgets, and Washington owes it to them to do the same." Read More

Under GOP Control, House Operations Have Saved Taxpayers More Than $400 Million & Counting

April 25, 2013

The House of Representatives is on track to save taxpayers more than $400 million in House operations by the end of the fiscal year. Read More

Will it ever balance? An answer in 13 days.

March 28, 2013

Waiting, they say, is the hardest part. But in just 13 days, we’ll have answers to a couple lingering questions on the minds of the American people. Read More

House Votes to Keep Government Open, Focus on Balancing the Budget

March 21, 2013

"Our goal is to cut spending and balance the budget to help our economy grow." Read More

Clinton Made Balancing the Budget a Bipartisan Priority - Obama Can Too

March 20, 2013

"Back in the 1990s, Republicans in Congress and President Clinton made it a bipartisan priority." says Speaker Boehner... Read More

Here’s Why the GOP’s Balanced Budget Repeals ObamaCare (Hint: It’s Bad for Jobs, Bad for Young Americans)

March 19, 2013

“For Americans trying to keep up with the cost of health care,” said Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) in the Weekly Republican Address, our balanced budget “repeals the president’s health-care law and clears the way for patient-centered reforms.” Read More

CHART: How is Washington Tackling Our Long-Term Debt Crisis?

March 18, 2013

This chart compares the Republican Path to Prosperity with the plan we expect to see from President Obama eventually (it was due in February but is still delayed). Read More

Boehner in Washingon Post: Obama’s outreach is nice, but where’s the leadership?

March 14, 2013

"Our balanced budget means more economic security for workers and parents, a more secure retirement for the elderly and more opportunities for younger workers." Read More