From early morning to late at night, Capitol Hill was buzzing with activity on Tuesday. As Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan is also the de facto host for Joint Session events. In that spirit of hospitality, here are some of the folks who Speaker Ryan welcomed to the Capitol complex.

We get it. State of the Union can be a long night, stretching well past bed time. For those of you who didn't quite make it all the way through the president's #LastSOTU, here's a quick collection of last night's top 12 tweets from @SpeakerRyan and @NikkiHaley.

Governor Haley drew a remarkable contrast with the president tonight. She is one of the most effective leaders in our party. She has turned conservative principles into real solutions in South Carolina. The vision she outlined for our country was inclusive and optimistic, and perhaps most important, it was grounded in reality. This is someone who’s done the tough work of governing. I think that showed in her remarks, and I commend her on a job well done.

WASHINGTON — Today, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) issued the following statement following President Obama's final State of the Union and Governor Nikki Haley's Republican address to the nation: 

"It was an honor to preside over the State of the Union address, and I’m hopeful this year we can find common ground to make progress for the American people. 

“We’re looking forward to hearing from the president tonight for his last State of the Union address. While we’re certainly not expecting much new, there is one thing that we hope to hear from the president. And that is a comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS."

Tonight, President Obama delivers his last State of the Union. After 7 years, you probably won't hear a lot of new ideas from him, but one thing will definitely be different: Paul Ryan will be seated at the rostrum.

Tomorrow night, President Obama will visit the Capitol to deliver his final State of the Union address—and you are invited to be a part of every moment.

By all accounts, the president’s State of the Union won’t contain much, if any, policy. There is one issue, however, that the White House refuses to let go away: the closing of Guantanamo Bay.  Despite the president’s attempts, this issue has already been settled in Congress.

Let’s review:

The following guests will be seated in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) box in the House gallery during President Obama’s last State of the Union address tomorrow night.