"With these new sanctions, we will continue to tighten the screws on the Syrian regime and its most prominent backers, including Iran and Russia."

"These tactical strikes make clear that the Assad regime can no longer count on American inaction as it carries out atrocities against the Syrian people."

“No words can capture the depth of this horror."

"I’m glad the White House has stopped blocking these critical sanctions, which are a necessary response to Assad’s crimes against humanity."

President Castro’s failed attempt to pose an iconic image raising hands with President Obama was just the latest in a series of photos that have come to define this administration’s foreign policy legacy. It’s a legacy of disastrous attempts to appease dictators at the expense of alienating allies—and one that may be best summarized with photos

"Today, the House unanimously voted to call ISIS's atrocities what they are: a genocide."

This morning, the Associated Press reported that the Obama administration will “likely” fail to meet a congressionally mandated deadline requiring a judgment on whether ISIS is perpetrating a genocide. The State Department must also assess whether the Assad regime is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Next week will mark a congressionally mandated deadline requiring the Obama administration to make a determination regarding whether ISIS and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are guilty of genocide or mass atrocities.

It’s been a tough start to 2016 for President Obama. Instead of legacy building, he’s spending the year scrambling to salvage his failing foreign policy agenda. These first two months alone represent the culmination of eight years of alienating our allies and appeasing our enemies.