Watch Speaker Ryan's remarks at The Heritage Foundation on the historic choice we face on tax reform.

The president’s budget is not so much a budget as it is a progressive manual—a series of far-left proposals that would drive our country further into debt, stifle wage growth and job creation, and raise taxes on millions of hardworking Americans. (Read: make big government even bigger.)

The good news is this tax is dead on arrival in the people’s House.

Speaker Boehner responded to Democrats’ latest push for more tax hikes today, making clear that there will be no budget agreement that raises taxes on American families and small businesses, which would make it harder to create jobs.  As Boehner said:

As budget talks get underway today, Congressional Democrats are wasting no time in launching another push for tax hikes that will hurt the economy and make it harder to create jobs.

Remember, President Obama proposed the sequester. He threatened to veto any effort to replace it unless taxes went up on families and small businesses -- “There will be no easy off-ramps on this one,” he said. Well, he got his tax hikes. Now we need to address our spending problem.

At a press conference today with Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) underscored the need for President Obama and his Democratic-controlled Senate to take action to avert the fiscal cliff...

Democrats – even those openly talking about driving off the fiscal cliff – are already on the record against much of the White House plan.

Last quarter’s paltry two percent economic growth – “too weak to rapidly boost hiring” – is another indictment of President Obama’s failed mixture of ‘stimulus’ spending, excessive regulations, and looming tax hikes.

Last week, a new report showed job growth is “well below what is needed” and the White House blew off a deadline to report on the impact of the Obama defense ‘sequester.’