CNBC reported today that the White House praised the GOP tax blueprint in a meeting with conservative activists.

Last night, President Trump delivered a bold, optimistic message to the American people.

“It could lead to a lot more jobs in the United States,” the president told Reuters.

Today, a coalition of American manufacturing leaders urged Congress to pass the Republican plan to overhaul our broken tax code.

“If the U.S. were to enact this reform, the U.S.’s ranking would improve significantly on the Index. Our tax code would move from 31st plan (out of 35 countries) to 3rd, just behind Estonia and New Zealand.”

Last week, following a wave of endorsements, another major coalition of American businesses came out in strong support of the Republican tax plan.

Over the past week, a growing coalition of American businesses and leading experts came out in support of the Republican plan to replace our outdated tax code with a more competitive system.

One of our top priorities with a unified Republican government in 2017 will be to replace our broken tax code with one that’s more fair and competitive.

In case you missed the broadcast, here's a highlight reel of the most important moments from Speaker Ryan's CNN Town Hall:

Our plan would level the playing field for American businesses by moving to a consumption-based, border-adjusted tax code that makes exports tax-free.