The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will give typical families of four earning $73,000 per year a $2,059 tax cut.

Manufacturing is central to our economy. More than 12 million Americans, or 8.5 percent of our workforce, are employed by manufacturers. And every $1 in manufacturing spending adds nearly $2 to our economy.

This is another reason why enacting real, pro-growth tax reform is so important.

If there’s one thing you remember entering the home stretch of the debate it’s this: Typical American households will receive an $1,182 tax cut.

This is it—the moment we’ve been waiting for. This afternoon, the open House-Senate conference meeting on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will begin—and it will be live-streamed for all the world to see.

Today, more than 20 governors from states across the country expressed support for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

It's going to be Armageddon. Or, well, it won't.

“2017 is the year we finally overhaul our broken tax code."

"Now we will move quickly to a conference committee so we can get a final bill to President Trump’s desk."

Speaker Ryan sat down with NPR’s Steve Inskeep to talk about the House agenda for the rest of the year and beyond, including changing sexual harassment procedures in Congress and tax reform:

Sexual Harassment: