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Yes—it’s true. Much of October was spent on tax reform, turning a framework into legislative text that will soon be introduced.

Tax reform means a pay raise for hardworking Americans.

In a letter to House members, the coalition argues that adopting the Senate amendment to the House budget will put Congress on track to get tax reform done this year.

I hear the real-life stories everywhere I go, including my recent visit to a family-owned and operated pipe manufacturer in Pennsylvania. So many people are worried about saving for their kids' college, or saving for retirement, or buying a house.

Bottom line: It's time to give the middle class a break. 

Earlier today, Speaker Ryan appeared on CBS This Morning, to discuss how tax reform well help bring relief to middle class families.

"This action keeps us on track to enacting historic tax reform that will mean more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks for American families."

We need to get tax rates down so American businesses can compete with the rest of the world. 

Here's what I mean. The average tax rate on businesses around the world is 22.5 percent. But here in America, job creators pay between 35-45 percent. That's crazy, and it makes it really hard for small businesses to grow and hire new workers.

Bermuda. Great beaches. Great weather. And, as it turns out, a great place to move your business to avoid the U.S. corporate tax code.

Speaker Ryan continues to make the case for tax reform, most recently yesterday in Wisconsin.

"The new Republican tax plan raises GDP by 3 and 5 percent and real wages by between 4 and 7 percent. This translates into roughly $3,500 annually, on average, per working American household."