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8 Reminders Why 1986 Was Great

September 22, 2017

Some great things happened in 1986, but thankfully, we've come a long way since then. Unfortunately, America's tax code has not kept up with the changing times. In fact, it has only gotten worse with all the special interest loopholes, carveouts, and regulations added over the last 31 years. As a result, the United States is falling behind the competition. Read More

Speaker Ryan at Harley-Davidson: ‘Full throttle on tax reform’

September 19, 2017

"Tax reform can stop punishing companies for making things in America and selling them overseas.” Read More

A Much-Needed Update

September 18, 2017

1986: The year Speaker Ryan got his driver’s license and the last time the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl (SAD!). It’s also the year we last reformed our country’s tax code. And just like the rotary phone of the 80s, the American tax code is seriously outdated. As a result, we have a tax system that’s hurting American families and businesses, costing us jobs. These eight things have received a much-needed update, and it's time our tax code gets one, too. Read More

Speaker Ryan Talks Next Steps on Tax Reform with AP

September 13, 2017

This morning, Speaker Ryan joined AP’s Newsmaker interview series with Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace to make the case for historic tax reform. Read More

Americans Deserve a Tax Break

September 12, 2017

After all, it's been since 1986. Read More

Made in America

September 12, 2017

America has the best workers in the world. I am certain of it because I get to meet with a lot of them and see their talent and skills firsthand. In the last month or so, I've visited factory after factory where they are proud to label many of their products "Made in America." These companies create tens of thousands of jobs by making things right here in the United States, but more and more, it seems like that is the exception, not the rule. Read More

Another Busy Week for Tax Reform

September 08, 2017

Tax reform is coming, and we are taking the case directly to the American people. Read More

Tax Reform for the First Time Since 1986

September 08, 2017

Our businesses can't compete on a global stage because of our tax code. The House, Senate & administration are working hard to change that. — Paul Ryan (@SpeakerRyan) September 7, 2017 Read More

Tax Reform Will Bring Back Profits Stranded Overseas

September 07, 2017

"We have trillions of dollars of profits that American companies have made stranded overseas not coming back to our country because of our tax laws.” Read More

Tax Reform Will Create American Jobs

September 06, 2017

Tax reform is all about creating good-paying American jobs and growing our economy. Read More