We’ve crafted a tax reform blueprint aimed at creating jobs and raise incomes for hardworking Americans.

Today, a coalition of American manufacturing leaders urged Congress to pass the Republican plan to overhaul our broken tax code.

“If the U.S. were to enact this reform, the U.S.’s ranking would improve significantly on the Index. Our tax code would move from 31st plan (out of 35 countries) to 3rd, just behind Estonia and New Zealand.”

Our plan would level the playing field for American businesses by moving to a consumption-based, border-adjusted tax code that makes exports tax-free.

"This law is just failing very, very quickly. We’ve got to replace this law."

Right now, our tax code looks like a block of Swiss cheese. It’s got all these carveouts and loopholes. And the IRS is the one calling the shots. 

There is a better way

Our plan makes the tax code flatter. We close those loopholes and use that money to cut tax rates for everyone: workers, families, and small businesses too. And one more thing: Our plan makes the tax code simpler—so simple, in fact, that you can do your taxes on a form the size of a postcard. 

As simple as a postcard. Seriously.

Yes, it’s Tax Day—a day of groaning and sighing for Americans across the country. Last week, Speaker Ryan outlined three major reasons why the IRS is—yet again—failing the American people this tax season.