Small businesses are struggling because they have to contend with too many taxes and regulations,” Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council President Karen Kerrigan warned in an Associated Press interview this week.

Here’s a summary of what House Republicans have done to stop all of the president’s tax hikes and fix the tax code to help small businesses create jobs:

As Speaker John Boehner told FOX News’ Brian Kilmeade, House Republicans are “serious about reforming our tax code, bringing the rates down, make a flatter, fairer system for all Americans.”

At a weekly press briefing today, Speaker Boehner highlighted the newly-released list of 88 economists supporting the bipartisan effort to stop the small business tax hike that threatens jobs and the economy.

The onus is now on Senate Democrats to act, and House Republicans urged them to do so in a letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) today.

At a weekly press conference with Republican leaders today, Speaker Boehner highlighted today’s House vote to stop the small business tax hike that would destroy more than 700,000 jobs.

Democrats are increasingly defecting from President Obama’s plan to impose the largest tax increase in American history and put more than 700,000 jobs at risk. It is a virtual replay of two years ago, when widespread disagreement amongst Democrats helped pave the way for a bipartisan agreement to stop all the tax hikes, as Republicans had called for.

More Democrats are coming out against President Obama’s plan to raise taxes on small businesses and put more than 700,000 American jobs at risk.

Here’s a look at what President Obama once said about the economically damaging effects of a small business tax hike - at a time when economic growth was actually stronger than it is today.

The economy is still in shambles – in fact GDP growth is much worse, 1.5 percent growth announced this morning vs. 3.5 percent in 2010 – and yet President Obama continues to push a massive small business tax hike. Has the president seen this week’s headlines?