Speaker Boehner noted Republicans are taking action to stop the small business tax hike while President Obama has been too busy campaigning to even meet with his jobs council.

The majority of American small business owners say excessive red tape coming out of Washington is making it harder for them to grow their businesses and create jobs.

Republicans are “the only ones in town who’ve offered a plan to address both the threat to our security that’s posed by the defense sequester, and the threat to our economy posed by the coming tax hike.”

Speaker Boehner today responded to President Obama’s attack on small businesses, highlighting his own experience as a small business owner.

Speaker John Boehner said “the president owes every American an explanation” on reports that ‘stimulus’ funds were outsourced to foreign firms and workers.

Senate Republican leaders were prepared to give the president a vote on his tax plan. The only roadblock? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) refused the offer.

Economists are warning that the president’s push for higher taxes would be a “blow” to the “already shaky” economy.

“I spent a little time around Ohio last week, and, you know, people kept asking the same question: ‘Where are the jobs?’"

Here are more than 25 times the president has called for these small business tax hikes, just this year alone…

Speaker Boehner on the GOP plan for jobs, next month’s vote to stop the tax hike, & fully repealing ObamaCare.