Speaker John highlighted today’s House vote on the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act, next month’s vote to stop the small business tax hike, and Republicans’ commitment to fully repeal ObamaCare.

At least seven Democrats oppose President Obama’s plan to raise taxes on small business job creators and are signaling support for the bipartisan plan to stop all of the tax hikes.

President Obama was widely criticized on Friday for claiming that “the private sector is doing fine,” “suggesting the president’s comments are more proof that he's ‘out of touch’ with the country's economic struggles,” ABC News reported. Indeed, three years of President Obama’s failed economic policies are making it harder for small businesses to hire, and have left American families grappling with fewer jobs and higher prices on everything from gas to groceries – though apparently the president hasn’t noticed.

Apparently President Obama really does think the private sector is “doing fine.” That’s the only way to explain the White House’s plan for massive tax hikes on job creators and families next year. Long rumored, the White House has now acknowledged that the president is comfortable putting in place the largest tax hike in American history – $4.3 trillion over the next decade – starting next year.

At his weekly press briefing with reporters today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) highlighted Republicans’ ongoing effort to help the economy create jobs by stopping the small business tax hikes, repealing ObamaCare and passing more than 30 jobs bills stuck in the Democrat-led Senate.

Speaker John Boehner today highlighted the growing, bipartisan support for stopping the looming tax hike on small business job creators scheduled to take effect on January 1st.

At a weekly press conference with Republican leaders today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) highlighted upcoming House action on legislation to help reduce economic uncertainty and create a better environment for private-sector job growth. Following are Speaker Boehner’s remarks:

Tax Day should be about “what the government owes the people,” Speaker Boehner says in a new video touting the Small Business Tax Cut, Pledge to America legislation that the House will vote on later this week.  The measure allows more than 22 million small business owners to take a tax deduction equal to 20 percent of their business income.  Boehner, a former small business owner, contrasts Republicans’ focus on jobs with President Obama’s push for tax hikes,

In a new video out today, we look back at the time President Obama asked FOX News’ Ed Henry, “just from a political perspective, do you think the president of the United States going into re-election wants gas prices to go up higher?” Gas prices were $3.76 that day. Since then, the president hasn’t done a thing to stop their steady march to nearly $4.

An ABC News / Washington Post survey found “62 percent of Americans disapprove of the president’s performance on gasoline prices,” and “[f]ifty percent disapprove ‘strongly,’ an unusual level of strong disapproval on any issue.” This updated interactive chart might help explain why …