Speaker Boehner thanked the group for its efforts to make the House of Representatives more open and transparent.

Here’s what open government and transparency advocates are saying about the announcement by Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor that the House is now making the U.S. Code available in XML …

“Providing free and open access to the U.S. Code in XML is another win for open government,” said Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor.

Speaker Boehner today said Republicans are actively “using technology to make Congress more open and transparent...”

The U.S. House of Representatives is more open and transparent than ever under Speaker John Boehner and the Republican majority.

The open rules, which make it easier for Members to improve bills and eliminate unnecessary government spending, are the latest manifestation of a pledge made and kept under Speaker Boehner, who two years ago promised the new Republican majority would run the institution differently than its Democratic predecessor.

“The House has doubled down on its pledge to keep innovating,” says the Sunlight Foundation...

The Office of the House Clerk today announced that House floor summaries are now available for bulk download in XML. Each House session (roughly a calendar year) is available in one bulk file, going back to the 109th Congress (2005). Click here and select the “Download XML” tab to try it out.

The House Republican majority in the House of Representatives has renewed the landmark ban on earmarks for the 113th Congress.

Speaker John Boehner “has been a longtime proponent of the earmark ban,” reports The Hill, “having never requested any so-called ‘pork barrel’ spending during his tenure in the House.”

House leaders today released the following statement today regarding House efforts to provide bulk access to legislative information.