"South Korea is one of our most important allies in the world, and it’s clear President Moon shares our desire to strengthen this bilateral relationship.”

"Together, we are determined to work toward a more safe and secure future for this generation and the next.”

"NATO is absolutely essential to our national security and global stability."

"Today, the House urged the Obama administration to forcefully oppose any unilateral moves by the UN to impose a solution to the conflict."

“We respectfully request that your administration take no further actions designed to bolster international investment in Iran."

"Today’s bipartisan vote will help maintain our ability to immediately reinstate sanctions against Iran over the next decade."
"I’m glad the White House has stopped blocking these critical sanctions, which are a necessary response to Assad’s crimes against humanity."

"President Obama’s latest move will only help finance the Castros’ grip on power and jeopardize the intellectual property rights of American businesses."

Earlier this week, Speaker Ryan returned from his first foreign visit as speaker. He and his bipartisan delegation of House members stopped in five countries over eight days, reassuring our allies in the Middle East that the United States remains committed to defeating radical Islam.

This week, Speaker Ryan returned from his first foreign visit as speaker of the House. He and a bipartisan delegation of House members visited five countries in eight days, where they met with dozens of senior government and military officials and consistently delivered a single, clear message:

  • ISIS must be destroyed. The United States is committed to defeating radical Islam that threatens freedom and stability throughout the world.

Check out the one-minute video below to see highlights from Speaker Ryan's trip.