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Tax Reform Continues To Bring U.S. Businesses Home

April 05, 2018

One of the positive impacts from tax reform is businesses coming back to America, meaning more jobs and more opportunities for working families. Yesterday brought yet another story showing how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is restoring the confidence of U.S. companies and bringing them home. Read More

Where Democrats See “Crumbs,” Americans See More Money in Their Pockets

February 06, 2018

Yesterday, President Trump visited Sheffer Corp. in Blue Ash, Ohio to tout the early benefits of tax reform sweeping the country. Read More

BREAKING: ExxonMobil to Invest an Additional $50 Billion in the U.S. Due to Tax Reform

January 29, 2018

"These investments are underpinned by the unique strengths of our company and enhanced by the historic tax reform recently signed into law.” Read More

BREAKING: FedEx Announces $3.2 Billion in New Investments and Employee Benefits

January 26, 2018

FedEx joins a wave of companies awarding bonuses and higher wages to their employees in the wake of tax reform. Read More

The Impact of Tax Reform in 24 Hours

January 24, 2018

In just the past day, more U.S. companies have announced new benefits for their employees thanks to tax reform: Read More

NEW POLL: Tax Law Popularity Rises as Americans See Benefits

January 18, 2018

More people believe the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will help them and their families. Read More

BREAKING: Treasury announces new withholding tables—bigger paychecks—starting in February

January 11, 2018

In just a few weeks, Americans across the country will start to see bigger paychecks. Read More

Tax Reform Spurs Wave of Bonuses for American Workers

January 04, 2018

Millions of hardworking Americans are already seeing benefits from tax reform. Read More

Flashback: Tax Cuts by Christmas

December 22, 2017

"December 23rd? That's a date I'll take." That is what Speaker Ryan said back in May—and repeatedly since then—when promising to have tax reform passed and placed on the president's desk by Christmas. Today, with the signing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, that promise made is now is a promise kept. Read More