As the president’s ‘stimulus’ turned five yesterday, a new Gallup survey showed that the number one question on Americans’ minds continues to be, “Where are the jobs?”

Instead of “owning” the economy as he once promised, President Obama is pointing the finger at anyone and everyone but himself. Here are just a few examples:

Yesterday, Speaker Boehner took President Obama to task for recent reports that taxpayer-funded ‘stimulus’ dollars were outsourced to foreign firms and workers, saying “the president owes every American an explanation” as to why their money was shipped overseas while millions remain out of work here at home. Here are just a few examples of the Obama administration’s ‘stimulus’ outsourcing for which the American people – particularly the nearly 13 million unemployed - deserve answers:

When Solyndra failed, the Obama administration left American taxpayers holding the bag to the tune of $535 million – and that’s just one of several pet projects funded under the ‘stimulus’ bill’s Section 1705 loan program that have failed to create jobs and cost Americans millions.

Speaker John Boehner said “the president owes every American an explanation” on reports that ‘stimulus’ funds were outsourced to foreign firms and workers.

The House Energy & Commerce Committee released a new report today that confirms that job creation was an afterthought as the Obama administration poured more than $10 billion into ‘stimulus’-funded energy grants with little to show for it.

"One year ago today, the Obama administration launched its 'Recovery Summer' publicity tour to bolster flagging support for the 'stimulus.' Vice President Biden said, 'The fact is, the recovery act is working.' But the fact is, it didn’t.

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today released a policy report outlining how President Obama’s ‘stimulus’ policies have failed to deliver the economic recovery Americans were promised while actually making matters worse.

Americans are asking 'where are the jobs' but all they are getting from Democrats who control Washington is more spending and more debt piled on the backs of our kids and grandkids.