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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News’ “Mornings with Maria” earlier this week to discuss the Democrats wasting their Majority, the crisis at the border, and healthcare.

Excerpts of Leader McCarthy’s interview can be found below, or you can watch the full video here.

The Democrats are Wasting Their Majority:

“This is remarkable because last Friday was the end of the first quarter, and they have wasted this Majority. Their real goal was to impeach this president. And now the Mueller report came through and you know what, no collusion. No obstruction. But they don’t even want to accept that because they don’t want to accept the 2016 election.”

There is a Crisis at our Southern Border:

“This is a real crisis and this is a challenge because the Majority Party in Congress has wasted their Majority. I’ve been in the room where Nancy Pelosi says ‘I don’t believe your numbers’ to our Homeland Secretary. That is, to me, one of the worst situations we can have because we do have a crisis at this border.”

“There is a crisis at the border, this is what we have to understand. A hundred thousand people just last month. Could be a million illegal individuals coming to America – and remember, we are the most liberal county when it comes to immigration – more than a million people become a citizen every year, and we want to make sure we maintain that and grow that.”

Obamacare Means Fewer Options

“Premiums rose under Obamacare. There’s fewer options. Remember all those people who were promised if you had your healthcare you could keep it? But you know what the Democrats are doing now? Half of the Democrats in Congress have already co-sponsored Medicare-For-All. And you know what that means? More than 150 million Americans will lose their healthcare, because you can no longer have private healthcare.”