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Press and pundits underestimated House Republicans from the beginning.

President Biden ducked and delayed for months.

But House Republicans stood strong, negotiated aggressively, and secured a historic win that changes the direction of Washington.

Watch Speaker McCarthy explain all this and more on his primetime “Fox News Sunday” hit from this morning here.

Among other consequential changes, this agreement:

  • shuts down Biden’s COVID slush funds
  • blocks all of his $5 Trillion in new tax proposals
  • ends the out-of-control spending that is driving up the cost of living
  • eliminates $1.4 billion that would be wasted on hiring Biden’s new army of IRS agents
  • enacts most consequential work requirements for welfare recipients in a generation

This is a major victory for taxpayers, as Speaker McCarthy explained in his 30-minute news conference this morning.

Highlights from his press conference are below, or you may watch online here.

“Just to take you back, to where we all started, back to February 1, [I] sat down with the President and said let’s work together to be able to raise the debt ceiling, but curb the amount of spending to let America be able to work again, cut red tape, get some work requirements to help people get back into work. I mean, no one thought at any given day that we would be where we are today. The President said he wouldn’t negotiate with us for 97 days…”

“Where Congress is literally [going to] vote to spend less money this year than we spent last year. We’re going to reform cutting red tape… Just as NEPA hasn’t been reformed in more than 40 years, [we’re] streamlining it. Construction jobs today, if you want to build a road, [it’s] seven years of review, we narrow that to one to two [years.] That is transformational, that American[s] [can] get to work again. People can have jobs again, cut our spending, and also protect our military and our vets.”