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What is certain here, is that this is no time for politics. Diseases don’t know party lines, and I would imagine Members of Congress would drop the partisanship to coordinate efforts on keeping our country safe.” 

“To my colleagues on the other side of the aisle – attempting to seize this as a political moment – I simply say, stop it. Stop it on behalf of the American public. Stop it on behalf of the security of this country, and more importantly, the health of all Americans.”

“But this is who they are: they would rather attack the president’s response to a crisis than work together to solve an epidemic.”  

“And it was confirmed by their Democratic front-runner earlier this week: They would rather commend communism than defend democracy.”

“And here is a fact: the prospect of socializing medicine like the one Bernie praises would leave us with far less cures, which would drastically limit our ability to mitigate the spreading of diseases.”

“…Bernie Sanders is craving a Castro-style healthcare [system]…”

“Members of Congress should be called out when they mislead the American public and this is why you will see today Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart will be introducing a resolution condemning Sanders’ comments. Specifically for disregarding the history of what has happened in Cuba, the human rights abuses.” 

“It should go without saying that the American people deserve more. This is nothing more than a dereliction of duty.”