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“Last week showed two directions for America.”

“The President delivered one of the best State of the Union Addresses I have ever heard, he was acquitted, and the jobs report far exceeded expectations. We also received welcome news that U.S. forces took out a terrorist leader that had claimed responsibility for the attack that killed three of our service members [at] Naval Air Station Pensacola.”

“Compare that to the Democrat Majority in the House. They’ve got trouble. They had trouble with turnout in Iowa . . . they had trouble with the truth [during] impeachment . . . [and] with a temper tantrum during the State of the Union.”

“I [had] the opportunity to interact with the President’s supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire and I can tell you that the energy has been incredible.”

“The enthusiasm gap within the Democratic Party has shown time and again. While Democrats celebrate their Speaker tearing up a speech, Republicans are focused on making sure future generations can continue to build on our nation’s greatness and potential.”

“And as we rejoice in the fact that our Armed Forces are going after dangerous terrorists and making us safer let us not underestimate the cost of freedom.”

“This weekend our country lost two heroes: Sergeant First Class Gutierrez and Sergeant First Class Rodriguez. Last night the President traveled to Dover to honor their return. My heart breaks for their families, loved ones, and brothers-in-arms who lost one of their own.”

“Let’s promise them this – we will never forget their sacrifice and selfless love of country.”