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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on the updated Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score on the American Health Care Act:

“Obamacare is broken, leaving millions of Americans with fewer choices and higher premiums. That is why the House took action and passed the American Health Care Act. Our plan will lower premiums, create more health care choices, and refocus programs like Medicaid on helping Americans that need it most. Today, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) affirmed that the multiple layers of work done in the House have produced a bill that meets these principles. The CBO also identified that this bill will reduce the deficit by $119 billion, paving the way for the Senate to do its work to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“What hits Americans the hardest with Obamacare are the rising premiums. In fact, the Department of Health and Human Services just reported that average health insurance premiums on the federal Obamacare exchange’s individual market have doubled since 2013 as Obamacare was nearly fully implemented. Coverage is meaningless if you can’t afford it, and Obamacare’s rising premiums have eaten deep into the budgets of millions of Americans. The CBO reports yet again that our plan will keep a promise Obamacare broke—premiums will go down. Congress must act so that people across the country can pay less for health care coverage and finally get relief from a failing law.”