“This Is About Jobs”: Speaker Boehner Talks Jobs, Debt with George Stephanopoulos | Speaker.gov

On ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Speaker John Boehner said, “dealing with our debt and deficit are critically important” for economic growth and job creation. Boehner also noted that the House has passed dozens of bipartisan jobs bills – including a responsible budget – that are being blocked by Senate Democrats. Below are several excerpts from the interview:

Boehner: “This Is About Jobs”

“The American people are still asking the question: where are the jobs?  And dealing with our deficit and our debt would help create more economic growth in the United States.  And it would lift this cloud of uncertainty that's causing employers to wonder what's next.  So dealing with our debt and our deficit are critically important. … [T]his is about jobs.  If we really are serious about getting the American people back to work, removing the clouds of uncertainty are important.”

Boehner: Will President Obama Lead on Addressing Our Debt & Deficit?

“The issue is the debt.  You know, people aren't clamoring to invest in Greece today.  And if we don't begin to deal with our debt and our deficit in an honest and serious way, we're not gonna have many options.  Listen-- I'm not going to apologize for leading.  The real issue here is will the president lead?”

Boehner: Bipartisan House-Passed Jobs Bills Are Stuck in Democratic-Controlled Senate

“We've worked with Democrats-- we looked through all these jobs bills in the Senate, 30 of them, sitting over there, part of our plan for American job creation.  All of them passed with bipartisan support. … So-- on the budget, we've done a budget.  Where's the Senate?  1,120 days since they have passed a budget.”

Boehner: Governor Romney’s Proposals Will Strengthen Our Economy

“Mitt Romney's got very-- has had a very successful career.  And-- and I think his prescriptions for fixing our economy are a lot better than the president's.  … [T]he issue is gonna be the economy.  And I believe that Governor Romney's proposals will strengthen our economy and get more Americans back to work.”

Boehner: My Job Is To Make Sure Our Team Is Prepared

“I feel pretty good about where we are today.  But you know, my job is-- as the leader is to make sure that if everything falls apart, that we still have the tools that we need to hold onto our majority in the House.  We've got-- 89 freshmen members-- running for reelection in most cases.  We've got a lot of tough elections out there.  But again, if the election were held today -- I feel good about it. … My job is to make sure our team is prepared.”